Monday, February 27, 2012

Into the Heartland

Dateline: Columbus, Ohio
What a pleasant day to be on the road! I left home in suburban Maryland around 6:30am this morning and was able to get around Washington, DC before the rush hour and the insufferable Beltway traffic could slow me down. The dawn was breaking and today's weather report all the way to my day's destination - Columbus, Ohio - was in my favor. The traffic thinned and I passed Frederick, Hagerstown, and Cumberland and continued out into the mountains of western Maryland (such a diverse landscape for such a small state) and across the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania below Pittsburg. The day rushed by quickly, and after an enjoyable lunch on the outskirts of Wheeling, West Virginia, I was crossing the Ohio River for the last 100 miles to Columbus. It feels good to be back in the Midwest where I spent most of my life before I headed off to college.

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