Saturday, August 15, 2015

Approaching Watercolors - New Dispatches from Maine

"Goldfinch Maelstrom" (2015) Steven B. Rogers
"Sabbathday Synapses" (2015) Steven B. Rogers
These past few weeks I have not been able to put many words down on paper, but I have been playing around with images "on canvas."  My wife is the true artist in the family, but while she has been away in Scotland, I have been wanting to see if I might get some visual images down on paper using watercolor as my preferred medium.   I have found the entire experience rewarding and I just may stick with this for awhile and see what comes from it. The image on the right is a new watercolor entitled "Goldfinch Maelstrom."  The image on the left is "Sabbathday Synapses."   What's next?

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