Saturday, December 31, 2016

This is the End of 2016 My Beautiful Friend, the End

It’s New Year’s Eve and we gather together or sit alone and say good-bye to the year past while welcoming the new year full of unknown potential for good and bad.  It should be a time of fanfare and fireworks.  Not this time.  Looking back over 2016 I can only say “good riddance!”  Burn it down!  Looking forward to 2017?  Anyone’s guess. 

I certainly did not accomplish everything I had hoped to do this year.  But does one ever?  There were a number of research projects keeping me busy, and there were always the various writing projects - a novel, a novella, some short stories - that moved forward although not as quickly, and often not as satisfactorily as I had hoped.  Still, I persevere.  It’s what writers do.  Be happy with what you get down on paper.

I have not posted here very much this year.  I guess my mind has just been elsewhere.  There were none of the usual “Dispatches from Maine” during the summer months.  Distractions.  Everyone seemed to have them as we watched our politicians (I hesitate to call them leaders) eat their young during what had to be one of the most divisive national elections in our history.  It just seemed easier to submerge myself into the fictional worlds I have created.  There is a satisfaction even if the work goes slower than one had hoped.  So I will persevere.  There is still much work to do.

Tomorrow I will take a look back at the year we are thankfully leaving behind.  Every year comes with loss and disappointment, yet 2016 had more than its share.

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